How to Pack for 30 Days

Packing for a week-long trip is tough and I just packed for a month. Most of the time I wash whatever is in my bags and pack it back up! The summer season is the easiest because the weather is tolerable and clothes are lighter and smaller. My wardrobe is… practical. Athleisure, neutral colors, maybe tomboy-meets-alternative, if I had to label myself. Can I wear this with 3 other things? Will I wear this only once? Is it timeless or trendy? Is it comfortable to travel in? Can I possibly wear this again in the winter? Don’t get me wrong, I make my fair share of trendy and questionable purchases from time to time. I’m actually VERY proud of what I packed for this month and I felt inclined to share! 

Everything pictured above fit in a standard carry-on sized rollaboard by TravelPro and a backpack. I’ve been using TravelPro for almost 6 years and I’m only on a second suitcase! That’s impressive for how much I use it for work trips. Most airlines allow an allotment of one rollaboard and one personal item per person. What are your “must haves” when traveling?

Items: Umbrella, blue light glasses, sunglasses, iPad, selfie stick, current book.

These are some things I always have with me. iPad. Always. I’ve jumped on the blue light glasses bandwagon and I honestly think it helps with motion sickness and headaches. I got a 2 pack on Amazon for $14.98. I alternate between kindle and ‘real’ books to be easier on my eyes and not feel so nauseous. Know any other motion sick flight attendants? Yeah, I’ll wait.

Items: Simple grey sweater, ultra light jacket.

It’s summer, remember. If you’re reading this a few months from now I hope I have the winter version for you. Airplanes are cold. It doesn’t hurt to bring something warm.

Items: Sports bras

I don’t wear many “real” bras. Practical athleisure. Not pictured are two (very small lol) bralettes, 5 pairs of socks, and 5 skivvies.

Items: Neutral colored tops, good supply of tank tops, crop tops, plain shirts, Whiskey & Bone graphic shit, very useful t-shirt dress

A good rule of thumb for me has always been to stick with a color scheme and pick items that go well with multiple pieces but having a fun piece in the mix is good too. This funky graphic tee is one of my favorites from Whiskey & Bone. Ladies, (or guys) get yourself a t shirt dress. This black one was $10 from H&M and I’ve had it forever and it always comes with me. Is it jammies? Is it a swim cover? Is it a casual dress to wear with sandals or sneakers or boots? Who knows, its up to me.

Items: Workout/sleeping shorts

Sometimes when I’ve packed for a trip, I pack too many cute outfit options and not enough things to lounge in. I also workout frequently so having enough things to sweat in before I need to use coin operated hotel washers is a must for me. I know y’all think these neon green joggers are LIFE but unfortunately they’re from Buffalo Exchange.

Items: Nike running shoes, Nike training/walking shoes, Converse high-tops, and sandals

These are the ONLY sandals I own besides some adidas slides. I’m more of a boots or Converse kinda girl. No, I don’t have ugly toes… I do a lot of walking so I think I’ve just gravitated away from shoes that are so uncomfortable and leave me hurting by the end of my adventures. These sandals are from Target and are actually very squishy. (I lied about how many sandals I own. I bought Coddies for the lake a couple of weeks ago. You’re welcome)

Items: Headphones, elastic bands, running belt, jump rope (in case hotel gyms were closed)

I bought these for closed hotel gyms for COVID and are all from TJ Maxx. The headphones are Beats.

Items: Two swimsuit choices

Two swimsuits, because summer. I got both of these a couple months ago and I’m obsessed. I’ve purchased a handful of swimsuits from Zaful over the years and the quality of their stuff has improved so much. They’re cheap but don’t feel cheap. Anymore.

Items: Headbands from urban outfitters, Forever 21, and H&M

Headbands are ALWAYS with me. They fix a bad hair day and make any boring outfit look cute. Am I right or am I right?

Items: Neutral color shorts for mix & match

These overalls are my only pair of denim shorts and they’re from Target! I’ve been wearing them all summer long. All of these bottoms go with more than one of the top options I packed which allows for multiple outfit ideas from fewer items. Another helpful tip, denim truly isn’t meant to be washed after each wear so you can wear them a few times before they need a wash. I’m not gross, here’s a quick Marie Claire article about wearing (probably real) denim 3-10 times before washing! Bring your favorite pair of denim pants/shorts and pack other cotton-like bottoms because they pack better. Denim doesn’t roll very well. Do you fold or roll your clothes? I’ve found over the years that rolling packs way more into the suitcase.

Items: Hair straightener, Hot Tools blow-out dryer (Girls & Guys. Buy this)

Ok. Normally I would only bring my straightener on a shorter trip but 30 days is a long time to use those less than mediocre hotel blow dryers. This Hot Tools Blowout Styler is INSANE. I have frizzy stupid bleached hair and have to blow dry and then straighten it or curl it. I had to make room for it. Some days I only use this! I was a non-believer and I’m telling you this thing is magic.

Items: Hats

I always have a hat with me. I use them for workouts and lately I’ve been really trying to protect my face from the sun. Turning 30 and possible melasma will do that to you. The black hat is my go-to and is from a local company of close friends called Landlocked. They have an EQUALITY line worth checking out if, you know, equality is what you stand for.

Items: Chord and Fender mini amp fit in my backpack. Traveler Guitar is a separate item I carried with me in addition to the two Carry-on items

This guitar did not fit in only two carry on bags but worth mentioning. I often bring this Traveler Guitar for layovers I know I won’t be doing any fun adventuring. It’s a full size fret and only 3lbs! It’s literally so small. It was my first guitar and I love it so much. I’m not that annoying to blast this mini amp. I have headphones and a plugin Vox amp so only I can hear myself play.

NOT PICTURED: The contents of my toiletry bags. I have one for essentials and one for makeup.

I’m currently on day 25 of my 30 day stay away from home and I have no regrets with what I chose to bring. Nothing I wish I had packed. Nothing I wish I left at home. I’m just missing my other shoes very much! Haha. I like to tell myself if I forgot it, I can always buy it. Or, do I need to pack this now or can I wait to purchase it when I get there? Asking yourself this will save you a ton of space in your bags.

I’d love to hear what you all like to pack or what you can’t travel without! Your go-to’s and your habits. If you’re new to this blog, thanks for stopping through! If you’re more of an Instagram fan, I have a personal and Boogie account. Check ‘em out!

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