The Pros & Cons of Living in Denver

I moved from Miami Beach to Denver in the fall of 2017. Most people move to a beach before winter, I do what I want, ok! Having lived in opposite climates in a short amount of time with opposite demographics was an interesting perspective to experience first-hand. Allow me to share! Miami is full of immigrants from Cuba, the Caribbean, Argentina, Eastern Europe, Brazil, and whatever country from South and Central America you can think of. Miami was a cultural dynamite and the restaurants and cafes proved it. Denver lacks diversity, houses “transplants” (residents who have moved from a different state) but caters to the technology and entrepreneur crowd of 25-35 year old white men, basically, and have a booming entertainment and music scene.

Photo: Breckinridge, CO with my ride or die

When you think about moving to Denver, you imagine hopping around to the hundreds of breweries and spending your days driving through the mountains, which holds true some days, but really there many things I wish I had known prior to the 2,000 mile move.

Photo: Breckinridge, CO – Blue Stag Restaurant


Colorado has more days of sunshine per year of any other state. Colorado Springs, to be exact, has the most days of sunshine of any other city. When it snows, it either melts by 2pm or the plows have already taken care of most streets by the time you get up and leave for work.

Photo: Estes Park, CO with this babe of a cousin

CON: DIVERSITY (or lack of)

There is none. What I love about traveling is learning abou people who are not like me! Denver houses mostly white, male millennials. has more precise calculations of demographics if you’d like to read the depressing specs but they don’t call it “Menver” for no reason. I’m pretty sure you could find a restaurant with a beet taco if you searched hard enough.


Denver is paving the way of the future by entrepreneurs. Say goodbye to the ordinary office hours from 9-5 because thecity is flooded with co-work facilities, , small businesses allowing employees to work virtually. The coffee shops are packed with people working from their laptops. There’s a boom in the small-business world here and built in has a list of current startups with job listings.


I moved into a complex across the street from Snooze, a delicious breakfast spot you’ll thank me later for mentioning, and a very large population of homeless people. There is a community center nearby on Park Avenue that serves food and provides shelter. They flocked to the city because Denver does such a good job of trying to provide for those in need. In fact, there has been a tiny home community for those needing an affordable place to live. I never felt harassed but, as a woman, I always walked around on high alert. There are so many people that need help and no where near enough resources or the infracture to accommodate them.


Red Rocks amphitheater is by far the best concert venue in the US and probably the world. If you haven’t been then now is the time, my friends. Many recording studios have migrated out of Los Angeles and into other cities like Denver, Nashville, and Atlanta. Basically if you like live music, if you don’t you’re a little strange but ok, Denver has it. Music scene noted, the city also has a plethora of choices for restaurants, bars, and cafes and it seems like they’re poppin’ every night of the week. Weekly events in the park, I have to mention a favorite called Little Man Ice Cream, and craft fairs. The Denver Market! Of course, a quick 30-40 minute drive and you’re in the mountains. Check out Georgetown and get some local elk jersey or Idaho Springs for Tommy Knocker Brewery. Does anybody work? Oh yeah, startup revolution.

Photo: Georgetown, CO


Renters and buyers, listen. I lived in a 600sq ft (if that) hybrid studio for $1400. Slightly bigger and you’re looking at $1,600-$1,800 a month. They are incredibly luxurious complexes, I will give credit where it is due. I lived at The Douglas. If you plan to buy a house in Denver, or anywhere in Colorado for that matter, plan to have a hefty down payment because lenders won’t even finance the full price of the house! Check out and have some fun with it.

Photo: Coors Field – Walking distance from my downtown apartment

HELPFUL TIP for the ladies (or men) and I wish I had known this before moving to Denver. Having gone from a moist climate to a place with practically zero humidity, my skin suffered and suffered bad. Colorado is dry. My skin would itch if I didn’t apply lotion to my body. Maybe stress contributed to it but I had developed systic acne. I had a facial and the lady told me to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! I also found one blogger post about moving to Denver and experiencing the same thing.

There you have it. Some pros & cons of living in Denver I wish I had known prior to relocating. Denver is an amazing place and I absolutely love visiting my old home and you should too! I hope these gave a new transplant some guidance. Let’s boogie.

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