5 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights

An Insider’s Low-Fare Lowdown

Every Tuesday on the Boogie Flights instagram, I have been doing the dreaded “cheap airfare” searching for you. What IS the trick? Prices are constantly going up and down and sometimes it seems impossible to find the perfect flight outta here. I have broken down my search techniques for you into five tips to assist in your own personal quest.

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  • GOOGLE FLIGHTS – I cannot emphasize using this tool enough. If you’ve never used google flights before, give it a try. Google flights allows you to adjust the dates you were wishing to travel on by a day, week, or month in order to compare prices. Cancun is definitely cheaper in June than January, FYI.
  • Become familiar with cities with multiple airports. For example, Kansas City has only one major airport. Miami has three within a reasonable driving distance throughout South Florida. West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami International. If prices to Miami are sky high (hehehe) because Ultra Music Festival is happening, adjust your search to fly into Fort Lauderdale. (And then adjust your date per my previous tip) Most search engines give you the option to toggle for multiple airports nearby.
Photo by Jason Toevs on Pexels.com
  • Have the inside scoop on which airports are dominated by a single airport. Denver, for example, is a cheap place to visit because every airline has fare-wars. And when “airlines compete, the consumer wins.” I have flown to Denver on United, Frontier, American, and Southwest. Denver serves as a hub station for a hand full of airlines. A “dominated” airport would be Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, for example. What airline are you most likely to fly on to Georgia? Delta. Therefore, Delta will have more control of the pricing since they operate the majority of the routes through the Big Peach.
  • Book/Search on Tuesday. Other travel gurus could argue Sunday or Monday but preferably the first few days of the week have cheaper flights. I favor Tuesdays. For the past two months since launching Boogie Flights on instagram I’ve had success in finding round trip tickets from Kansas City to New Orleans, Phoenix, Washington DC, Chicago, and Seattle all for under $200. Domestic flights can be around $500! Again, big fan of Google Flights.
  • Avoid peak seasons. Every destination has a few months in the year that have an influx of travelers. Those ticket prices will generally be higher. A few examples of peak seasons along with Cancun from a previous tip are NYC in the summer, Florida and Hawaii in the spring, and Seattle or Portland in the fall to name a few.
Photo: Capri, Italy in April – Peak season is May through September

Five awesome tips. I’m having quarantine dreams of my next trip every day and I hope these have all brought you knew knowledge for booking yours! Give Boogie Flights a follow on Instagram. If I could add one final tip: lower your expectations of cheap and you won’t always be so disappointed. There’s true meaning behind you get what you pay for. Can’t decide your next trip? I’ve been a big fan of Lonely Planet for years. They always have the best suggestions for the touristy and non-touristy destinations or ask me!

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